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Waterproofing - We are the top applicator of DR Fixit ( Pedillite industries ).
We provide complete constructions chemicals & waterproofing solutions like
1. Constructions & water proofing of swimming pools, Water bodies and tanks.
2. Industrial Flooring.
3. Self level flooring.
4. Interior and exterior walls, and flat with sunken bathrooms treatments.
5. Roof top and terrace gardens etc.


1. Cementious waterproofing
2. Liquid membrane waterproofing
3. Bituminous membrane
4. Brick Coba with chemical.
c 5. Polyurethane Liquid membrane

Cementitious waterproofing Method: - This water proofing method is often used in the internal wet areas such as toilets. This method are usually a rigid or semi- flexible type water proofing.

Liquid membrane waterproofing:- Liquid membrane is a thin coating which consist of usually a primer coats and two coats of top coats which are applied by spray, rollers , or trowel .its offers more flexibility than cementious waterproofing liquid water proofing membrane can be of spray applied liquid membrane composed of polymer modified asphalt.

Bituminous membrane: - It is used for flexible protective coat in accordance with its formulation and polymerization grade. Its flexibility and protection against water can be influenced by the polymer grade as well as reinforcement on fiber. Bituminous coating is also called as ASPHALT coating.

Brick Coba Chemical Technique: - It is used in roof terrace, sunken bathrooms, interior terrace, water seepages etc. This technique is mixture of mortar, bricks, and chemicals which strongly bounded with each other. Mortar is amalgamation of cement, sand, water & chemicals.



(1) Five Years free maintenance warranty if any technical mistake occurs from the date of our bill.
(2) The maintenance warranty shall be cover only defect of the treated area and shall not cover defect arisen out of factor/out of our
control such as (I) Failure due to natural calamities any alteration or due to mechanical damages caused to treated area.
(II) reserved the right to carry out any inspection of the waterproofing job in case of any complaint.
(III) The maintenance warranty shall not cover any consequential losses if any.
(3) Warranty shall be operative and valid only when full payment is made.
(4) All Transactions are subjected to Indore jurisdiction.
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